Oasis Restaurant

Bon profit!

Eating is not just about eating. It’s about gathering around the table to talk until the soup gets cold. It’s stealing potatoes from the person next to you even though you ordered salad to go with your steak. It’s fighting over the last croquette and sharing dessert five minutes later. At Cala Galdana, we know what it means to eat the way it should and that is why we have transformed our Oasis restaurant into a meeting place full of light, colours and flavours of a lifetime.

Our buffet space is adapted for the little ones, with counters at their height, special chairs, corner tables… And even cooking workshops for them to design their own menus!

The hotel’s dining offer is very wide and varied. From a fresh salad or a pasta dish to the finest meats; we have dishes that will please young and old alike. We are waiting for you!

The Food


The best salads prepared with fresh produce from Menorca's market garden.

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A tasty snack for every situation

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Each type of pasta with its own sauce and each sauce with its own pasta!

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Prepared with a thin dough base and homemade tomato sauce. From the oven to the table

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Homemade with the best meat on the market. We also have vegan options

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To share

Our portions are perfect for sharing, either as a couple or with the family.

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Medium rare, well done... A wide variety of top quality meats cooked to your liking.

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Enjoy the flavours of the sea with our fresh fish selection.

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