Your holidays in Menorca

Choose a route, not a routine!

Did you know that Menorca is the first place in Spain where the sun rises in the morning? And no wonder: UNESCO named the island a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 for its indigenous nature, and the beauty of its beaches is matched only by the tranquillity of its mountains. But nothing we tell you here does it justice; you’ll have to come and see it for yourself.

Enjoy an excursion to a Talayotic village, get lost in the streets of a fishing village or savour typical Menorcan dishes; there is a plan for everyone and everyone has their own plan.

Places of Interest

Prehistoric Menorca

You don’t need cars from the 1980s to travel back in time. In Menorca you can transport yourself back in time by visiting megalithic monuments such as the talayots, navetas and taulas.

Running and Trekking

If you are passionate about hiking, Menorca is the place for you. There are hundreds of rural trails to explore the island on foot, and its landscapes, coastline and the famous Camí de Cavalls are a must-visit for lovers of mountain sports.

Macarella and Macarelleta

A 30 minute walk from Cala Galdana you have two of the most famous and beautiful coves on the island, known for their crystal clear waters and fine sand.

Cala Mitjana

Like Macarella and Macarelleta, Cala Mitjana is a short walk from Cala Galdana and is also a must if you are looking for clear waters and white sand. Next to it you have the smaller Cala Mitjaneta, with unspoilt landscapes in which to lose yourself.

Barranc d’Algendar

It is the largest and most important ravine on the island, with vertical walls of more than 800 metres. It starts in Ferreries and ends in Cala Galdana, and at every step you can see animals and native vegetation in its purest state. A must if you are a lover of nature.

Binibeca fishing village

A 10-minute drive from the hotel, Binibeca is a fishing village by the sea, with whitewashed houses and narrow streets where you can easily get lost, and not unintentionally.

Cities of Menorca

Menorca has a population of 96,000 inhabitants spread over its 8 municipalities. To the east is Maó, the current capital of the island, and to the west Ciutadella, the former capital.


Maó has the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean. The whole city revolves around it, from the fish market and the Mercado del Claustro to the local’s houses and the bars and restaurants. To visit Maó is to enter the seafaring world.


Strolling through the centre of Ciutadella, the old capital of the island, is to discover a jewel at every step: stately homes, its majestic cathedral, palaces and fortresses…