Environmental policy

Grupo Galdana

It has been conceived with respect for the environment that surrounds us and to meet the requirements of our customers. Our aim is to improve the quality of our services and the products we offer every day. To achieve this, we try to optimise the resources used for greater sustainability.


We are aware of the importance and respect we must have for our environment and our employees as they are the cornerstones to achieve our goals. Our Group constantly undergoes internal audits in the field of food safety, quality of working conditions and facilities as well as working safety in order to comply with international standards.

In addition to these internal audits, we are inspected by the competent authorities to ensure the quality of our services.

We encourage communication with our employees so that they can freely express their wishes and needs as they are our most valuable asset. The aim of all these principles is that they are reflected in our day-to-day dealings with our customers.

We are therefore committed to the following:


We are committed to the environment around us, which is why we minimise the impact of our operations, whether by reducing our emissions, protecting the environment, thorough prevention of potential pollutants or trying to use as much renewable energy as possible. We comply with all environmental legislation and regulations.

All our production centres take into account the effects that our activity can have on the environment, hence the importance of minimising our waste and emissions.


Being aware of the environmental issues associated with our activity. Setting targets and relevant measures to reduce environmental impacts.

Our aim is to minimise the use of energy and water in our processes and therefore to be efficient in the use of our resources. We do all this while maintaining strict quality standards that keep our customers satisfied and keep them coming back year after year. To this end, we raise awareness and train our staff to meet all these goals and provide all the necessary resources to ensure that they are met.

Finally, we inform both our employees and our customers about our environmental policy and our achievements in this difficult task. We encourage both to help us in this important task for all of us.